Is HDera an OBM?
OBM is a kind of production that is based on the creation of trademarks and brands, not on the “no-name” products. With the development of markets and increased competition, we know that to survive and thrive in this highly competitive environment, selling our own brand is essential. After many years of manufacturing, we have accumulated extensive resources, experience, expertise, and technologies. At Huizhou HD Times Technology Co., Ltd., we believe that through our constant R&D and innovation, we can build a well-recognized brand in the near future.

For years, HDera has played a growing role in manufacturing dvi hdmi. We have been considered as one of the most reliable providers in the industry. The 3+6 vga cable series is widely praised by customers. Our hdmi cable 2.0v is rich in modern design and delicate production. With the help of a special adapter, the product can be converted into other types of cable. HDera has abundant funds and strong scientific manpower. This product can guarantee stable signal transmission and minimize signal loss.

Sustainability is a core value at our company. At each one of our facilities, no effort is spared to drive out wastage and operate an efficient and cost-effective system that uses as little energy as possible, minimizes emissions and recycles or reuses waste products wherever we can.
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