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If you want unique and different custom HDMI cable for your brand and device , HDera HDMI cable manufacturer could make custom hdmi cables for you. One way ,You show me the drawing, We will make it based on your drawing , That is easy , the second way , you tell me the cable specification (wire specification, length, connector type, material, mould shape,etc) , If you need make unique mould and mould with your logo , that is acceptable , We can custom design something will complement it.We like customizing usb cable and will try our best to meet your requirements. Every details could be customized, Welcome to custom HDMI cable!

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Huizhou HD Era Tchnology Co., Ltd.is a professional HDMI cable manufacturer and exporter of various cables. The founder entered the computer peripheral cable industry in 2006 and accumulated rich experience in leading the team to focus on technology research and development. It has established decades of close and friendly cooperation with the many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers . Our HDMI cable warehouse is based on technology and quality. After years of market inspection and recognition by authoritative departments, all products of the company meet the EU certification standards, with scientific and humanized management and honest, efficient, fine and comprehensive services. Our products sell well in Eastern Europe, South Asia

In the front-line factory, you can customize products freely, without the limit of the minimum order.

Our products are widely used in various high-definition video and audio equipment.

All products of the company meet the EU certification standards.

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He USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 promotion team jointly announced today that the new USB power supply specification "USB Power Delivery" has been completed, greatly improving the power supply capability of the USB interface and data cable, up to an astonishing 100W, and USB external devices need assistance. The troubles of power supply are expected to be completely solved.
The following is the official statement of the HDMI Forum inc. HDMI 2.0 does not define new data lines and connectors, interfaces, so it can maintain perfect backward compatibility with HDMI 1.x, and existing Class 2 data lines can be used directly.
According to the "bucket rule", the final image quality will depend on the worst link in the whole system, which is often the transmission system.

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