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USB power supply specification completed: up to 100W

USB power supply specification completed: up to 100W


He USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 promotion team jointly announced today that the new USB power supply specification "USB Power Delivery" has been completed, greatly improving the power supply capability of the USB interface and data cable, up to an astonishing 100W, and USB external devices need assistance. The troubles of power supply are expected to be completely solved.

According to the new specification, the USB data cable can carry higher voltage and current, and the power supply capacity is up to 100W. It can not only supply power to the mobile hard disk, but also charge the notebook, but the specification emphasizes that the officially certified USB data cable is required. this way.

It should be noted that the 100W power supply capability is not limited to the new USB 3.0. The previous generation USB 2.0 can also be done.

The USB power supply specification also implements a switchable power supply that does not require changing the direction of the data line.

Officials say the existing USB interface and data cable are also compatible with the new specification and will co-exist with USB, Battery Charging 1.2 battery charging specifications, and existing USB bus-powered applications.

The USB power supply specification is responsible for editing Intel, and other participating companies include Dell, Foxconn, HP, Japan Aerospace, LeCroy, LSI, MCCI, Microsoft, MQP, Nokia, NXP, Obsidian Technology, ON Semiconductor, Renesas Electronics, Seagate, SMSC, ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Western Digital.

The USB 3.0, USB 2.0 promotion team has submitted the new specification to the USB-IF Forum and will host a developer conference on August 2nd in Washington DC. 

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