What about CFR/CNF of hdmi cable for sale ?
Please consult with our Customer Support concerning the CFR/CNF for Certain items. We'll explain the stipulations immediately if we begin our discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there's no doubt on what's been agreed upon. In case you have any suspicions on picking Incoterms, our earnings specialists could help!

Huizhou HD Times Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in the development and manufacture of hdmi cable for a wide range of consumer, business, and industrial needs. The dp cable 1.4 series is widely praised by customers. The product meets international standards in all aspects, such as performance, durability, availability and more. This product has a wide working temperature, ranging from -25℃ to 80℃. HDera now has a strong design group, can research and develop hdmi cable independently. This product allows for flawless transmission without screen flicker and black screen.

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