What are applications of dvi lead produced by HDera?
Characteristics mainly decide the application fields of the product. Our product - dvi lead , made of multiple complex raw materials, has the advantages of high flexibility, versatility, durability, and wide serviceability after combining the superior performance of the raw materials. It has been proved that their unique yet versatile performance has brought unlimited benefits to their applied industries. Looking through the projects we have made and the solutions we have offered to customers, you are able to know the customers we have worked with and what fields they are engaged in.

Huizhou HD Times Technology Co., Ltd. is a fantastic partner to manufacture hdmi cable. We have accumulated years of manufacturing experience in this industry. The 3+6 vga cable series is widely praised by customers. We are specialized in designing inventive and productive 24+1 dvi cable which is of dvi hdmi. Its first shielding layer helps prevent high-frequency noises and interference of outward electromagnetic energy. A large amount of time and effort are taken for its performance. And the quality controls are implemented at every level of the entire supply chain to ensure the top quality of this product. By using this product, users can enjoy better results on the screen.

Our company bears social responsibility. We take critical steps to develop sustainability in our operations with training and a material library.
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