DP cable export destinations
DP cable shows great export potential in global markets. It features unique and significant attributes that are difficult to replicate. Through exports, Huizhou HD Times Technology Co., Ltd. not only gains benefits but also expands the customer network and is exposed to new ideas and technologies.
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With hdmi 1.3 tailored to commercial, industrial and residential markets, HDera has grown into one of the hdmi cable leaders. The hdmi cable series has become a hot product of HDera. HDera 3+6 vga cable has been tested for guaranteed quality in an independent laboratory. It meets both domestic and international safety standards for gift&crafts. Its length can be customized according to needs. we has established great inspection equipment and perfect quality control system. This product is able to deliver a high-quality and stable digital signal.
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We design our products to be maintained and upgraded to extend their life. And, we make it easy and cost effective for customers to return their unused products instead of disposing of them. Check it!

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