How many HDera hdmi extension cable are sold per year?
There's a balance between output and sales signal of hdmi extension cable in Huizhou HD Times Technology Co., Ltd.. We've devoted ourselves to the manufacturing for several years. We can fulfill with the industry requirement. Year on year increase has been achieved in sales volume.

HDera , one of the leading suppliers of dvi hdmi, has been serving the industry for years. And we are proud to say our products are China Made. The hdmi cable 2.0v series is widely praised by customers. The surface of the 3+6 vga cable is durable and easy-to-clean. Using foamed PE as the insulation, this product features a quality signal. HDera has a group of vigorous and enterprising high-quality talents. Its outer diameter can be customized based on different needs.

We strive for energy-efficient production. There are many innovative technologies that have been selected to minimize or eliminate emissions.
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