How much will it cost for hdmi cable 2.0v production?
The production cost for hdmi cable 2.0v relies on both the price of materials and the production technology. For one thing, the material cost is the most original factor. Whether the figure could decrease not or depends on the technology and the quantitative production. The higher the technology is, the less the cost. This is also the “for another thing”. So is the quantitative production. If the order is larger, the size of quantitative production is greater. Under this, the unit cost would decline.
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With a rich experience in 24+1 dvi cable industry, we have always been focusing on the quality management. The 3rca rca cable series has become a hot product of Huizhou HD Times Technology Co., Ltd.. Because it is made of green and non-toxic materials, it is not subject to release toxic substances or gases into the air when its wastes are burned. This product is easy to use with a range of features transmitted via a single connector. Through an arduous efforts of all the staffs, HDera has become a scaled and specialized 3rca rca cable company. This product has the ability to ensure signal integrity.
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